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April 2015  Dr Andrew Hill and Dr Simon Cauvain from the University of York work with Chancellor’s College, Malawi. Download Here

2nd Powerpoint presentation from Nigel Hall titled October 2015 Nigel and Norma Hall work with Chancellor’s College, Malawi. Download Here

Kakowa, Felix (2016) 'Nurturing Professional Social Work in Malawi'. African Journal of Social Work, Vol. 6 No. 2 2016, pp 1-6. Download Here

Hall, N. (2017) 'Fledgling Profession' in Professional Social Work, BASW magazine, March, p22. Download Here

National Stakeholder Conference on the Professionalisation of Social Work in Malawi Download Here

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Malawi High Commission supports the work of CFIF in respect of its engagement with the University of Malawi

Scottish Malawi Partnership is an umbrella organisation which focusses on the creation of more effective Scottish involvement with Malawi. CFIF has links with SMP through its members based in Scotland.

Scotland Malawi Mental Health Education Project (SMMHEP) aims to provide sustainable support for psychiatric teaching and training for health care professionals in Malawi. Its approach has much in common with the work of CFIF through SSWIM

Krizevac is a charity working in Malawi, delivering children’s centre and educational facilities and seeking to support needy communities in Malawi in enterprising ways. Krizevac has helped CFIF by freighting books donated in the UK for use at the University of Malawi, and in the future Krizevac may be able to offer social work placements for some of the students with whom SSWIM works in Malawi

St Andrew’s Children’s Society has supported the work of CFIF through providing resources and support to individuals able to work directly in Malawi


View our series of Interviews with Malawian Social Workers on YouTube.                  Link to YouTube Here

View Anstance Fometu talking about ‘How You Can Support SSWIM

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