Working to help children, families and vulnerable adults lead safer and more fulfilling lives.


What is CFIF? Established in 2007, CFIF aims to empower individuals and communities to support and care for those amongst them who are in most need. CFIF seeks to achieve lasting change through helping to establish strong social care services, based on fair and just laws and policies, delivered by skilled social work practitioners, and steered by the voices of service users.

To do this, CFIF harnesses the expertise, skill and time of social work practitioners and educators in the UK to support the growth of social work training and practice in countries where this is less developed. This should result in a social care services which better meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable.

Through its SSWIM (Supporting Social Work in Malawi) initiative, the CFIF’s current work is focussed in Malawi, a country in East Africa facing significant economic and social challenges in caring for large numbers of orphan and vulnerable children, and disadvantaged adults. We are working with the government, UNICEF, and academic institutions to address the acute shortage of qualified social workers needed to build capacity in social care provision.(SSWIM page)

CFIF in partnership with organisations and our colleagues in Malawi is supporting sustainable development and is championing change for children and families.


Above: Anstance Fometu and Janet Walker with members of the Malawian social work task force and Dr Noel Muridzo the IFSW region President.

How does SSWIM work? SSWIM has brought together a group of respected social work academics and practitioners who are supporting the development of social work as a profession in Malawi. This includes the implementation and development of the new social work degree course at Chancellor College Malawi State University and the establishment of a National Association of Social Workers to oversee standards and registration for the profession. Our members give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis to provide a wide range of support activities. See here for more information on SSWIM.             

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